Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Felt Card Table Play House and more Baby Fever

Sadie's Card Table Playhouse~ I think she likes it....


Sadie Turned 3!!

I just had to make this card table felt playhouse for my niece's 3rd birthday! The pictures are littly wonky because I will be mailing this to my neice and my sister's table is a little bit bigger than mine. I just loved making this!!! It was ton of work to cut it out, change the thread out for each thing, sew on velcro to all the manipulatives but I know Sadie will have a blast in this. I used a great tutorial by Homemade by Jill (http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/2009/10/felt-playhouse.htmljill.blogspot.com/2009/10/felt-playhouse.html) that a has a material list and templates. Some of the things like the eggplant and the bird and nest I just "winged" it... My best friend's daughter, Stella, came over to test out the playhouse in the pics on the right below....

The mailbox has a little net on the inside to catch the felt mail. The flowers have bendy pipe cleaners and are removable. I put Sadie's house # above the door that is a flap so she can go in and out of the tent. Stella is testing out the inside for me...

The lemons, bird and birdnest are all removable also. Stella is peeking through the window- the flap rolls up and velcros up on the inside so you can read a book inside.

The corn, eggplant, apples, and carrots all have velcro and can be moved around.

The dog bone is removable on this side and the little dog door flap opens up.

Stella modeling a little bird applique tank I made her since it was 82 degrees here today...
And here is a modeled shot of a dress I made a while back for Sadie- I love it when she has her hair down like this- she is such a little darling!

This is a little euro hoodie dress for my neice for her birthday. I really love this pattern~
Farbenmix Olivia.. it makes the perfect playdress with a little pizazz.

And some cloth diaper sewing and baby outfits for my nephew on the way---what will his name be??? His very excited older brother, James, is voting for Anakin but that was vetoed so now he is lobbying for Luke... (can you guess James' favorite movie???) Hmmm we will see what the parental units finally decide! Some baby gowns, dipes and some outfits for that precious little guy on the way...

It seems like so many friends are having babies! Here are a couple little baby gifts for my girlfriend's expecting girls.. baby gowns and a blanket that folds itself into a little pocket on the back..

And finally some teacher appreciation presents... The room moms decided we would do spa baskets for the teachers this year. I made some fabric baskets and we filled them with pampering treats like lotions, nail care, sleep masks, and of course junk magazines too. Good times!!!

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