Monday, January 30, 2012

Sewing Room Clean Up and Makeover

Here are some pics of my recent sewing room make over and clean up. I would like to paint the walls but I have been stymied choosing a color~ so they remain white. I did re-organize, clean up, and I have a new machine table that lets me sew my project without bumping into the wall.  It was a heavy wooden table I found in Craigslist that my boys and DH sanded down and painted for me. I love it!  So here is my attempt at being organized and having an inspiring space to work...

Machine Table, Ottobres and manuals on the wall in a wire magazine rack, and my fav pictures finally hung up.

Machine Table with lots of room to manuever. Ottobres and machine manuals on the wall in a wire magazine rack

Using mason jars and other glass jars for storage... all my Guttermann thread (the only kind I use) separated by color, scissors and rotary cutters on a scissor stand (aka as a tabletop toliet paper stand) and extra thread, needles, size tags, etc in smaller mason jars on a cupcake stand, marking tools in medium size mason jars.

Thread storage and button storage in glass dessert parfait cups

Wooden china cabinet that I plan to refinish shabby chic and add new hardware when it warms up.  Lots of storage for my woven fabrics and tons of hideaway storage for zippers, corduroy, flannel, purse hardware, snap press and snaps, and much much more. Lots of room on top shelf for all my ric rac that I am sorting into mason jars also.

Dinosaur CRT television I someday hope to replace with a flatscreen and my Amy Butler collection below...

Out of control knit shelf that still needs some attention...

Cutting table cleared off and ready to go...

Favorite picture from my sister-in-law of Upik women picking out fabric to sew their traditional Kuspiks...

Scraps neatly stowed in green containers by size, patterns and tracings in metal bins on bottom shelf.

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  1. Hi, Jane!
    Lovely sewing space!
    Just a reminder to send your mailing address so I can ship your bag. :)